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Kootaanchoru 2023


Hello parents, welcome to Kootachoru 2023  
Please bring appropriate Quantity.  Measure it in home before bringing to event


  1. How many ounces is 1/2 a tray? 128 OZ / 4 Quarts/ 1 Gallon    

  2. What ingredients need to be added to the dish? We do not have any standard recipe. Feel free to search online.

  3. What Vegetables need to be added to a dish? Any vegetable unless its specified. For example Beans poriyal should have beans and Potato poriyal it should have potato. For sambar any vegetable is fine. Feel free to ask your dish lead if you have any further questions.

  4. How to bring the food from home to school? Please bring in a tray. If you wish, you can bring an empty tray and then transfer the dish from your container to your tray. Please make sure that you collect your container immediately! We do not have a place to store your containers.

  5. Do we need to bring Aluminum tray to school? Yes. For liquids you can bring in your own container and transfer to your tray.

  6. Will STA provide any trays before the Kootanchoru Event? No, STA will not provide any tray.

  7. We are not feeling well. What to do? Please take care. Please update your dish lead ASAP. Do not attend the event. Thank you!

  8. I have a question that is not answered here. Whom do I contact? Please ask your dish lead in the whatsapp group

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