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Kootaanchoru 2024

Kootanchoru 2024


Our annual Kootanchoru event will be held on Saturday, Jan 13, 2024 at Skyview Middle School (21404 35th Ave SE, Bothell, WA 98021). 



10:00 am - You must drop off your dishes.

11:00 am - First pandhi of Kootanchoru starts. We will have cultural events and games starting at the same time.

4:00 - Ice cream served. 


Can I bring friends to the event?
No. The immediate family members of the students only can participate in the Kootanchoru and the cultural event.

Is it mandatory to pick a dish?
Yes, it is the essence of Kootanchoru. We bring food and share it with everyone.

What if I cannot bring a dish? Can I pay money instead?
You can pay cash by choosing dish "vadai". You will pay $40.

How can I find my place for pandhi?
When you arrive, you can get tokens for pandhi based on the guest count you provided in the Evite. You can pick your pandhi while collecting the token. There will be a fixed number of tokens issued for each pandhi. 


How many ounces is 1/2 a tray?

128 OZ / 4 Quarts/ 1 Gallon    

What ingredients need to be added to the dish?

We do not have any standard recipe. Feel free to search online.

What Vegetables need to be added to a dish?

Any vegetable unless its specified. For example, Beans poriyal should have beans and potato. For sambar, any vegetable is fine. Feel free to ask your dish lead if you have any further questions.


How to bring the food from home to school?

Please bring in a tray. If you wish, you can bring an empty tray and then transfer the dish from your container to your tray. Please make sure that you collect your container immediately! We do not have a place to store your containers.


Do we need to bring Aluminum tray to school?

Yes. For liquids you can bring in your own container and transfer to your tray.


Will STA provide any trays before the Kootanchoru Event?

No, STA will not provide any tray.


We are not feeling well. What to do?

Please take care. Please update your dish lead ASAP. Do not attend the event. 

I have a question that is not answered here. Whom do I contact?

Please ask your dish lead in the WhatsApp group.

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