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Steps to submit volunteer hours for company matching

1.       Navigate to


2.       Search for “Seattle Tamizh Academy” and click “Add” button


3.       Fill the number of hours volunteered (minimum of 2 hours). If you stayed longer include the additional hours.

4.       Fill the date of volunteering.



5.       Select whether you used your professional skills while volunteering. For classroom set up it will be “No”.  

6.       For volunteering program, select “None of the above”.


7.       By default, “Company Match” radio button will be selected. Do not change it and leave it as is.





8.       Enter a brief description of your volunteer activity. For classroom set up, we typically enter “Helped with setting up and cleaning up the classrooms.



9.       Rate your volunteer experience and click “Next”.

10.   Verify data on the next page and click “Submit Volunteer Time”


11.   Send a mail to with the number of hours and date. This will help with any verification requests from Benevity.

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