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Reimbursement Instructions:

- Use the below email template and email to

- Attach the receipt. If possible, please consolidate the receipts into single file per request

- Provide accurate information. STA will reimburse as per the Zelle details provided. These transactions are not reversible. STA will not be held liable for any incorrect payments resulting from inaccurate information provided by you.

Subject: Reimbursement request for <Type Purpose here>


School Year: <Mention the school year here>

Event: <If this is part of any event, mention here. For eg: AnnualDay/Kootanchoru/TeachersAppreciation/TestDay/Others>

Requested Amount: <type requested reimbursement amount>

Zelle Id: <Type Zelle ID here>

Full name (as per Zelle): <Type Full Name as per Zelle>

Sample Reimbursement Request:

Subject: Reimbursement request for Water bottles



School Year: 2023-24

Event: AnnualDay

Requested Amount: $22.34

Zelle Id:

Full name (as per Zelle): Saravana Kumar

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